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With Circular Flow we work on balancing the mind and body, strength and flexibility, energy and stillness. If we can achieve these things within ourselves it is easier to achieve a balance in life.

The way we move, our mobility and restrictions is something that interests me and I further my understanding not only through Yoga and movement but also through fascial work and massage.

YOGA:”Experimenting with the body’s potential, I try to make my class fun and invigorating whilst keeping to the traditions of Yoga- helping participants to deepen their internal awareness, be present in the moment, to relax and to find that important connection with the breath, the body and the mind.”

I try to make Yoga accessible to all by not only teaching adult classes but also:

-Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga

-Children’s Yoga

-SEND Yoga (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) 

BODYWORK: I am an integrated Myofascial Release Practitioner and massage therapist.

I use a combination of Myofascial Release (MFR) and a variety of soft tissue techniques so each treatment is unique for each individual client and for that particular session.
Techniques include: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger point work, Neuro-muscular Technique (NMT) and muscle energy techniques (MET).

MFR can be integrated with the other techniques but also works very well on its own.

(More details of each technique on the “Bodywork” page)

I see myself as a work in progress…

I strive for a daily practice and research in the areas of Yoga & bodywork, movement, breath work and lucid dreaming. As I study more about these subjects the more they will show in me and through my work.


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Every knot was untied and every negative lifted. I couldn’t recommend anyone better to take you on a journey into yourself to let go. Thank you Sherene.

J E Cornish

Sat in the car with places to go and no urgency to do anything but to be with me and the universe.
Thank you very much for a great massage.
What a meditative experience that was.
Thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend “real” people to indulge….
T.Knight , London