I work holistically with your body integrating various bodywork techniques with myofascial release or a soft tissue massage approach. I include a postural assessment, various bodywork techniques (as listed below) and plan rehabilitation/self-care for your body, if required.

I also have regular clients who feel physically o.k but just want a relaxing massage to de-stress and reset the mind- its important to remember that we don’t always have to feel “broken” in order to look after ourselves.



A Myofascial Release Treatment is performed directly skin on skin without oils, creams or tools. This enables the therapist to accurately detect fascial restrictions and to apply the appropriate amount of sustained pressure to facilitate release of the fascia.

The MFR therapist not only takes into consideration what they see in the patientโ€™s postural assessment but works directly with what they feel and sense from palpating and treating the body. Rehabilitation exercises can then be given to maintain the treatment.

This treatment releases restrictions within the facial network (connective tissue), enabling stuck, hardened and dehydrated areas to become pliable, soft, mobile and hydrated.

Myofascial Release can increase energy, breathing capacity, restore muscle function and postural alignment, relieve physical and emotional strain, it can help balance the body and promote self-healing and relaxation by improving the circulation and nervous system transmission.

This manual therapy focuses on soft tissue dysfunction, pain, tension and holding patterns. It involves gentle sustained pressure to allow the fascia to elongate and restore to a healthy position.

* One of the key characteristics of myofascial release technique is applying sustained pressure with no sliding. Please make sure you do not apply too much moisturiser or creams onto your body prior to treatment.

Please note-with this technique the applications are 3-5 minutes long so appointments work best over 1 hour.

MFR sessions can be booked for: 60min, 90min, 2 hours, 3 hours

The vibration of sound waves is not merely perceived by the ears and the mind. The waves carry into the cells and tissues of the body, interacting with the electrochemical activity of the nervous system, helping to restore balance and homeostasis. At a cellular level the body is roughly 65% water allowing the sound waves to travel easily through the water, so you are not only hearing sound but the pulsations and vibrations of sound waves are literally washing through you, inducing effects on the body as a whole.


The focus is general using long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements, vibrations and tapping.


The focus is more targeted, working on specific areas of concern or pain. A form of massage that focuses on releasing the deeper myofascial restrictions of the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body. Techniques are used to work below the superficial connective tissue with the intent of breaking up old structural patterns and allowing the free flow of nutrients and oxygen to the blood.


The muscle tissue can feel denser than normal and pain or discomfort on that area may occur-often they may refer pain to another area. Referred pain is a defining symptom of a myofascial trigger-point.

Palpation is used to find trigger points. Once an area has been found, pressure is applied for a certain amount of time, within the clients pain tolerance (please note-with this technique you may need more than 1 hour).


Pregnancy massage can be enormous benefit not only for the Mother but also to the baby. Pregnancy is a wonderful time but with the joys of a new baby comes many changes to the mothers body putting pressure on the joints, ligaments and organs, often causing discomfort and pain. Massage can also help reduce stress levels, as endorphins are released by the mother which can be passed onto the baby.

Receiving regular massage whilst pregnant can make Mother more aware of her own body to help her ability to relax during the 1st stage of labour, encouraging a shorter and easier birth.

(please note treatments should not be longer than 60 minutes and a signed consent from your GP or midwife is needed prior to treatment)

-Prices start from ยฃ60

โ€“ please email for enquiries, information about home visits or corporate packages:

Massage treatments are available at:

-My home treatment room in E17.

-Leyton Holistic:

679-691 High rd Leyton. E10 6RA


6 Hooker road. Walthamstow. E17 6DP


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